Michelle Heldon

Michelle Heldon grew up in Sydney, Australia. She recently graduated from The National Art School with a Bachelor of Fine Art Honours in 2007. Since then Michelle has travelled through South East Asia and New Zealand and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Sydney.

“My work explores my connection with the natural environment and a drawing towards expressing the feeling of a place not merely its physical appearance. These feelings come from the atmosphere of the place and the response to its history and the objects or materials that make up the landscape. Recently my work has been exploring the connectivity between places and thoughts. The choices of materials are found and reused pieces of wood, material, and handmade papers and pigments maintaining integrity to the environment in a consumer based society. The works have come together of their own accord and have found their place gently. My work for Le Fil uses the thread as a movement and rhythm through the landscape-physical and emotional. There is tension yet a holding, a flow and a sense of purpose.” Michelle Heldon, July 2009