Linden Braye

Linden Braye completed her Masters in Visual Arts in 2009 at Sydney College of the Arts. In 2001 she was awarded a BVA with first class Honours at Sydney College. Linden has exhibited in several group shows in Sydney and has been a contributing artist for several years in Sculpture in the Vines, a site specific sculpture event at Wollombi Valley north of Sydney.

"My work for Le Fil involves the development of the urban ‘rat’ as subject matter for an ongoing series of works. The original work Rats were made of upholstery stuffing that I saw on the floor in my lounge room. I took this ‘fluff’; recycled fibre, for a dead rat not unlike the kind which is washed up in gutters or in corners of the city.

These works are a combination of Diva in which a fur coat and fabric have been re-incarnated into a morphed version of a previous life. The linings of fur coats are always soft and shiny, they add to the sensuality of the fur and to the desire for luxury and status. My fabric linings emulate the organs that have been discarded from the carcass. Continuing in this vein are several rats which have discernable fibrous remains of internal organs and those that have developed into brightly coloured consumer icons.

This work reflects my interest in the construction of nature and built environments and the hierarchies that form our beliefs surrounding the object and ideas of value." Linden Braye, July 2009