Chrissie Ianssen

Chrissie Ianssen works across painting, installation and video, in both collaborative and solo circumstances. She recently completed a Masters of Visual Arts at the University of Sydney, supported by a UPA scholarship, and under the supervision of Professor Richard Dunn. She is currently working on a commissioned site-specific dance and installation project in collaboration with choreographer Kevin Privett. She lives and works in Sydney.

"My installation and painting practices seek dialogue between art-making and place. I use vernacular architecture, folk textile and digital video as structures for investigation into a synthesis of culture, technology and aesthetics. My work for Le Fil (the thread) uses a tartan pattern as its starting point and is formalist, yet pictorial. It subverts historical, illusory picture-making tropes by using contradictory methods of image construction." Chrissie Ianssen, July 2009