Kath Fries

Kath Fries graduated from Cofa with BFA Honours in 2002, last year she completed her MVA in painting and installation at SCA, supversied by Lindy Lee. She has had three solo exhibitions in Sydney and participated in numerous group shows in Sydney and Melbourne. Over the past two years Kath has curated several group exhibitions in Surry Hills at Gaffa and Albion St Gallery, bringing together process based and conceptual artists who work with unusual and non-traditional materials.

“My installation for le fil (the thread) consists of numerous meters of recycled fabric woven into a rope, which then leads the viewer around the nocks and crannies of the gallery space. Titled Ariadne’s Thread the work refers to the ancient Greek myth of the Cretan Labyrinth navigated using a spool of thread. Extending this metaphor my installation suggests that to successfully navigate our way through our lives, our own personal labyrinths, we need to take on a sense of responsibility for the care of others and the world we live in.” Kath Fries, July 2009