Exhibition Opening & Invitation

You are invited to attend opening night drinks with the artists, Thursday 30th July 2009, 6-8pm
Gaffa Gallery, 1/7 Randle St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

The exhibition continues to Tuesday 11th August

Le Fil (the thread) is an exhibition of new work at Gaffa Gallery organised by Sydney based artist Kath Fries. The exhibition brings together twelve visual artists who adopt and deconstruct materials, processes and designs commonly associated with the textile industry. Participating artists include Hannah Bertram, Linden Braye, Sophia Egarchos, Kath Fries, Michelle Heldon, Sahar Hosseinabadi, Chrissie Ianssen, Shannon Johnson, Michele Morcos, Jade Pegler, Megan Yeo and Melinda Young.

Textiles hold a prominent position within our society visually alluding to cultural, national or religious beliefs or ideals. Whilst we rarely consider the role of material objects outside of their practical use, fabrics are frequently imbued with personal and emotional significance. Dress can be used to communicate an allegiance to a particular group or to suggest a particular social position within society. Cloth items can also become private artefacts kept for their representation of memories rather than usefulness as functioning objects. In recent years, greater social awareness of ecological and ethical issues around the consumption and disposal of mass-produced textiles has ensured that fabric has taken on an increasingly political role within our daily lives.

Le Fil (the thread) investigates the personal, commercial and cultural value of textiles within contemporary and historical contexts. This conceptual thread connects the diverse practices of the participating artists which span video, performance, painting and installation. The works in the exhibition explore textiles from a myriad of angles which range from the examination of fabric as a metaphor for memory, the cycles of decay and renewal inherent in natural fibres, to the relationship between craft and traditional assumptions of femininity.

The exhibition opening of Le Fil (the thread) will feature a live performance by Sydney-based sound artist Mick James. During the performance the artist will aurally stitch together recorded and electronically produced sounds and samples to create a live tapestry of ephemeral soundscapes.

A zine publication has been produced to accompanying the exhibition and features a commissioned essay by Jane Llewellyn and texts from the participating artists.

Le Fil (the thread) is the current in a series of ongoing exhibitions that explore how concepts and materials associated with textile and craft production are being utilised within a contemporary artistic practice. Previous exhibitions in the series include Through the eye of a needle (2008); Quick Unpick (2008) and Lure, Allure, Illusion (2009).