Exhibition - gallery views

Gallery view

Left: Michelle Heldon, The music and the mountains
Right: Megan Yeo, Midsomer Murders
Left: Linden Braye, Fox, Strange kind of fiction, Abra-Cadaver, Diva
Right: Sahar Hosseinabadi, So feel my pulse

Left: Chrissie Ianssen, Tartan Wrap
Right: Michele Morcos, Friedrich (A story)

Right: Hannah Bertram, An ordinary kind of ornament

Kath Fries, Ariadne's Thread

Gallery view

Right: Sophia Egarchos, Funkadelic
Left: Melinda Young, Take a ball of thread…

Jade Pegler, The Decedents

Left: Kath Fries, Ariadne's Thread
Right: Shannon Johnson, Good Luck