Sophia Egarchos

Sophia Egarchos is an artist from Sydney, who completed a BVA with Honours in 2004 and an MVA in 2007 at Sydney Collage of the Arts, University of Sydney. Since finishing her studies Sophia has participated in several group shows and held her first solo show last year in Sydney whilst completing an artist in residence at SNO Contemporary Art Projects in Sydney.

"Fabric, fashion, colours, geometric patterns, and the sewing techniques of shirring and pleating are the main aspects that inspire me, and present the fundamental basis of constructing a painting. These influences merge together to create paintings, which deal with surface, texture, space, and the illusion of movement in a two-dimensional surface. For this exhibition, I am shirring the surface of the canvas, which changes the appearance of the painted geometric pattern. Voluminous texture is created that diminishes the flat surface and a three dimensional painting is produced as the texture of the canvas is projected into the space of the gallery." Sophia Egarchos, June 2009