Megan Yeo

Megan Yeo was raised and resides in Sydney and currently shares a group studio in Petersham. She completed her Diploma in Fine Arts at Hornsby TAFE and her BA Fine Arts at the College of Fine Arts in Paddington. Megan started exhibiting her work through café’s and enjoys displaying her work in gallery group shows, zines, and as street art, believing that art should be accessible. After a trip to Northern Ireland, Megan started a string of works around Irish political history, terrorism and the image of the balaclava. More recent works cover issues surrounding the British Monarchy and the results of the Australian nation as it was deemed ‘The Experiment’. Megan remains flexible with her choice of media and works in painting, drawing, mixed media, digital, and embroidery.

"My current work is inspired by a recent visit to both Ireland and the English countryside. This a comment about the UK’s perceived internal terrorist threat crossed with my perceptions of British culture. Terror has its place on a global political scale but also a personal level to ones comfort zone. With the serious issues not to be overlooked, I took a\moment to create a scene of satire. My main choice of technique or media is embroidery, this being a traditional craft of the English, representing domesticity and a pleasant, quaint exterior façade… but what is lurking behind it all?" Megan Yeo, June 2009